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The S.O.C.A.H. is an independently operating, loosely defined workgroup, dedicated to making games and music. It was founded in Hilversum in 2015, and will therefore always be slightly dedidcated to modernist aesthetics.

Every age has a defining popular artform, that translates to the leading information medium of it's time. For the nineteenth century, the newspaper age, this was the literary novel. As we progressed towards the time of television, the twentieth century, it became the motion picture of Hollywood fame. The S.O.C.A.H. confidently argues that in the twenty-first century, the computer age, the new artistic juggernaut will become the video game.

We, for one, support this development, through our attempts to create obscure and thoughtful arthouse games.

And we waste away, drinking beer and rummaging about on an out of tune keyboard. All's right with the world . . .


You can contact us through the following channels:

E-mail: socahdev@gmail.com

Twitter: twitter.com/socahdev

Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCIP6o46Y1st9djczxlsM0Lg

Bandcamp: socah.bandcamp.com

GameJolt: socahdev.gamejolt.io

itch.io: socah.itch.io

Steam: store.steampowered.com/developer/socahdev


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