Genre: visual novel
Play Time: 2-4 hours
Mode: single player

The abstract male is the image of God, the absolute some-thing.

Sam isn't exactly looking for a girlfriend. He's content playing video games in his room and hanging out with his loser buddies, Jake and Jonathan. Recently however, Sam's become entangled in a web of twisted conspiracy theories, causing violent thoughts about the opposite sex to occupy his mind. Follow Sam during his irreversible descent into the abyss.


Incel Syndrome is a freeware video game. It's available in early access starting Spring 2021. The full version of the game is set to be released in Summer 2021.


Through it's narrative, Incel Syndrome explores misogynist currents within contemporary internet-culture. It contrasts them against the theories of Otto Weininger, a young Austrian philosopher who tragically ended his life in 1903, shortly after completing a 500-page treatise on male-female relations.


Incel Syndrome is an interactive visual novel. The player is able to freely explore two timelines. The PRESENT, which documents Sam's current interactions and activities. And the PAST, a manifesto-style account of his life until the present day. At the end of the game both timelines converge in an unprecedented display of phantasmagoric apotheosis.

Game Instructions

Progress: [Space]
Enter/Exit Menu: [Esc]
Select choice: [Mouse]
Fullscreen: [Alt] + [Enter]


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