This is the music section to our website.

Negative Dialectics is a short EP that we released in 2016. It features a collection of experimental tonal studies that would form the basis for the soundtrack of Railroad Tracks. Pieces featured build forth compositionally on techniques like twelve tone serialism and gradual phase shifting. The cover shows art by Kazimir Malevich.

Meandering Primes is a short minimalist piano piece. It utilizes gradual phase shifting tehnique on two piano samples, one of 11 beats long by one of 13 beats long. Due to the lengths of the samples being prime numbers, doubling takes place infrequently.

Ingrained Trepidation is a free tonal piece. In base it is two serialist tone rows, one slow and one fast, that both procede into their retrograde, inverse and inverse retrograde. However, the tones haven’t been weiged in a lawful manner, adding a sense of tonality.

A piano-roll type tune.