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Genre: exploration/adventure
Game length: 6-8 hours
Mode: single player

Devoid of all memory, a small pierrot awakens early one October morning, down by an abandoned railway line. Help him navigate his mysterious world, but beware, for the further he wanders from the rigid safety of the railroad, the more unsettling his surroundings become . . .


Railroad tracks is a 2D exploration based adventure game about a lonely circus artist who has fallen into amnesia. The goal of the game is to recover his lost memories. As you venture through a surreal twilight world, certain events and areas bring back episodes of involuntary recollection that recall his unsettling past. And what are those demons that lurk around?

Game Instructions

Movement: arrow keys
Enter/Exit Menu: [X]
Select/Save: [C]
Fullscreen: [Alt] + [Enter]

Once collected, memories can be called from the in-game menu in order to transport you back to the place where the memory was initially found. After collecting all 16 memories, endgame is unlocked.

And if you are ever lost, remember: follow the railroad tracks. . .


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