We have currently published the following releases:

Railroad Tracks [2018 Video Game]
Negative Dialectics [2016 EP]

Railroad Tracks

Railroad Tracks is a full length exploration based adventure game for PC that we released in 2018. You can get it for free on Steam and other platforms.

Negative Dialectics

Negative Dialectics is a short EP that we released in 2016. It features a collection of experimental tonal studies that would form the basis for the soundtrack of Railroad Tracks. Pieces featured build forth compositionally on techniques like twelve tone serialism and gradual phase shifting. The cover shows art by Kazimir Malevich.

The EP gave rise to a intellectual property dispute between S.O.C.A.H. and Warner Music Group, due to a copyright claim placed by the latter on an audio clip used on the EP. This dispute was rightly settled in favour of the S.O.C.A.H.