The S.O.C.A.H. is a loosely organized workgroup dedicated to the production of independent video games. Please take a look at our published releases, or visit our news section.
Founded in 2015 in the forest clad village of Hilversum, and will always be slightly dedicated to modernist aesthetics.

For every historical age, it's primary means of technological reproduction is mirrored in the leading artform of the time. Thus the heyday of the literary novel coincided with the nineteenth century surge in accessibility of industrial printing techniques — only to give way to the age of motion picture as soon as the duplication and distribution of film stock became feasible on a grand scale. Today, as we have entered the information age, it is only conceivable that the medium of the video game is set to take over as the predominant popular artform of our time. [— excerpt from Manifesto of the S.O.C.A.H.]


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Press Archive

Below is an overview of our published releases. Over the past years we have developed and published a number of independent video games, as well as two collections of video game music. More recently, we have mainly been occupied with scriptwriting for Leaves' apocalyptic Deluge series.

Releases With Leaves Circle

Sam isn't exactly looking for a girlfriend. He's content playing video games in his room and hanging out with his loser buddies, Jake and Jonathan. Recently however, Sam has become entangled in a web of twisted thought patterns, causing violent theories about the opposite sex to occupy his mind. Follow Sam during his irreversible descent into the abyss.

Incel Syndrome is an interactive visual novel. The player is able to freely explore two timelines. The PRESENT, which documents Sam's current interactions and activities. And the PAST, a manifesto-style account of his life until the present day. At the end of the game both timelines converge in an unprecedented display of phantasmagoric apotheosis.

  • [steam] Incel Syndrome (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • [itch.io] Incel Syndrome (Windows, macOS, Linux)

At first glance, William is a lazy college student. He spends his days sleeping in, skipping lectures, drinking with his friends and gathering up courage to talk to Jasmine, who's on the theater committee. But over the last few weeks, a mysterious restlessness has come over him. He's distanced himself from his friends, spends his time alone in his room and harbors thoughts that cannot bear the light of day.

Slowly, William is coming to the realization that the world he lives in is no more than an illusion. The city, the university, the artificial island upon which he lives, all are unnatural abominations against humanity, that need to be undone in order for history to take its due course. Delve into William's mind as his last links to reality slowly unravel.

The Raintime is a mildly interactive adventure game about the psyche of the undeveloped mind.

  • [steam] The Raintime (Windows, macOS, Linux)
  • [itch.io] The Raintime (Windows, macOS)

Devoid of all memory, a small pierrot awakens early one October morning, down by an abandoned railway line. Help him navigate his mysterious world, but beware, for the further he wanders from the rigid safety of the railroad, the more unsettling his surroundings become.

Railroad Tracks is a 2D exploration based adventure game about a lonely circus artist who has fallen into amnesia. The goal of the game is to recover his lost memories. As you venture through a surreal twilight world, certain events and areas bring back episodes of involuntary recollection that recall his unsettling past. And what are those ghosts that lurk around?

  • [steam] Railroad Tracks (Windows)
  • [itch.io] Railroad Tracks (Windows)

Asynchronous Revivalism is the original score for Railroad Tracks. It contains music and soundscapes that attempt to evoke the atmoshpere and mood of the game.

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Negative Dialectics is a short EP that we released in 2016. It features a collection of experimental tonal studies that would form the basis for the soundtrack of Railroad Tracks. The cover shows art by Kazimir Malevich.

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